The Essentials Of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is an essential part of your house chores. Every household cleans their windows, at different times every day and on alternate days. No matter how often you clean your windows, it is important to realize that the different kinds of windows in your house or your car need a different pattern of cleaning. So, if you are intending to clean glass windows, the solution will be different from that of a vinyl widow or tinted windows. Therefore, it is important that you know how to undertake the task properly and safely. Below is the step by step instruction of how to clean the various types of windows .

How to Clean Windows made of Glass

Glass windows are the most common type of windows that are used in both modern and traditional buildings as well as cars. But since they are made of glass, you have to be careful that rough cleaning and handling will give your windows scratches and unwanted marks which should be avoided. Therefore, to clean glass windows you can opt for one of the commercial cleaning agents marketed for this purpose. You can also choose to make your own window cleaner too. This will save your money spent on expensive materials. You will need vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soaps, ammonia and some warm water. You can also make another cleaning solution of corn starch, ammonia, water to clean your window. Choose the solution that is readily available to you and clean your glass windows with a soft sponge or soft cloth to ensure that there are no scratches.

How to Clean Vinyl Windows

If you live in one of those houses which have vinyl glass, you have got to be careful. Vinyl glass is extremely convenient for the modern house because of their replacement quality and their ability to be taken out completely for cleaning purposes. However, the cleaning of vinyl glass is a little more complicated than with glass windows. The reason for this is that these windows are less scratch resistant and therefore, difficult to deal with. However, you can make specialized window cleaner for vinyl windows as well. Get yourself some Murphy’s oil soap, vinegar, some dish soap or detergent to do the window cleaning. The Murphy’s oil soap is relevant here because it helps in getting rid of those water spots that often form on your windows. So, clean the vinyl windows using these ingredients and always use a soft cloth.

Beat Winter Blues With Bold Bracelets

The bracelet is one of the most popular articles of jewelry for both men and women. Though primitive examples have been uncovered, the bracelet became a genuine fashion accessory in Ancient Egypt. Worn by both kings and commoners alike, early bracelets were made of natural materials like stones, bones and woods. They often served a spiritual or religious purpose. We know this because they were often adorned with sacred symbols, like the scarab beetle going here.

To the Ancient Egyptians, the insect represented regeneration and rebirth. Scarab beetles were carved by hand by skilled artisans and were often buried with their owners. When metallurgy came to Egypt sometime in the 3rd century BC, bracelets were fashioned from precious metals like silver and gold. Of course, only the wealthy could afford them. Everyone else had to settle for bracelets made of leather or rope.

Both the Greeks and the Romans used the bracelet as a fashion accessory. They were especially popular with Roman centurions, who wore thick bands made of leather to protect their wrists during battle. The quality and price of a bracelet could even denote rank, as generals typically wore more elaborate articles that were made of gold.

Where are we now?
Though modern bracelets rarely have a spiritual purpose or meaning, they remain one of the world’s most wore article of jewelry. They are also one of the few decorative accessories most men feel completely comfortable wearing, unlike earrings, necklaces or even rings. Of course, as with most jewelry, bracelets are more popular with the fairer sex. Many women wear them on a daily basis. Like other kinds of jewelry, there are several popular styles or types of bracelets. Let us take a moment to review them individually.

Sports Bracelets

Made of simple and inexpensive silicone rubber, sports (or gel) bracelets are probably the world’s most wore type of bracelet. One particularly popular model is the Yellow Livestrong wristband that was introduced in 2003 and has now sold around 100 million units. The appeal of these basic, unadorned bracelets is that they can be worn by either men or women, at work or at play. It also doesn’t hurt that they only cost around a dollar or two each.

Tennis Bracelets

Thin in-line bracelets with diamonds got their popular nickname when Tennis champion Chris Evert broke her elegant accessory during an important game. The match was suspected for several minutes while the athlete recovered her scattered diamonds. Tennis bracelets have been a popular article of jewelry ever since. Because they are glamorous and often expensive, they are typically only worn to formal occasions, such as operas, balls, and upscale cocktail parties. A genuine diamond tennis bracelet can cost several, even tens of thousands of dollar. But there are far more economical options. Tennis bracelets that include cubic zirconias or simulated diamonds can be found for only a few hundred dollars.