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      Is the GPS positioner antenna built in or outdoors?
      Views:2336 Date:2018-11-11
      The car GPS locator antenna has built-in and external points. Some people don't know the difference between the two when they choose, and whether it has any influence on the positioning. Xiaobian will explain it to you according to what you know.

      External antenna: The antenna is external. That is certain, the GPS signal is much stronger, and it can be easily located in a wide range. The bad thing is that the external antenna of the device can be seen at a glance. If the antenna is cut off, the device will be damaged and the security will be low.

      When you choose, see if you use this GPS locator to do it. If you manage your own car, it is not for the prevention of villains and thieves. Naturally, it is good for external use. If it is a company, a rental company, or a cargo. Tracking and the like, with built-in good, is not easy to find.

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