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      Technical Support Engineer
      Work location: Shenzhen
      ※ Job responsibilities
      1. Responsible for following up problems in the development and design and use of the touch product solution in the client, and providing technical support services to customers;
      2, can accurately understand the customer's technical problems and requirements, timely communication and feedback on customer technical issues and requirements;
      3. Cooperate with sales to develop new customers, maintain old customers, and cooperate with R&D to test and promote new products on the client side;
      4. Understand the market trends and competitors' related product information, and organize the customer's technical application plan;
      ※Job requirements
      1. Communication and other majors, college degree or above.
      2. More than one year of pre-sale, in-sale or after-sales technical support experience in the power industry;
      3. Familiar with network communication protocol priority;
      4. Can adapt to long-term business trips.
       Sales manager
       Working location: Shenzhen
       ※Job requirements
      1. Male or female, undergraduate and above, under the age of 35, major in communication, electronics or marketing; 2. Have more than two years of sales experience in power, electricity, carrier or IC companies;
      3, honesty, dedication, dedication, high degree of professionalism, responsibility and teamwork awareness;
      4. Excellent sales awareness and negotiation skills, able to independently develop markets and customers;
      5, excellent professionalism and professionalism, strong ability to withstand pressure, can adapt to long-term work and business.
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